Benlee open.

06th May 2018

Only 5 anglers today for our open match on Ben pond but some cracking angling. 1st place and new match record was Jamie rogerson with 174lb off peg 11. 2nd place was Mick Webb with 92lb off peg 9. 3rd …

Over 60,s match.

04th May 2018

A good turnout today for our over 60,s match on Ben pond today with 13 anglers 1st place was Pete Williams with 62lb off peg 11. 2nd place was tony dinsdale with 61lb off peg 5. 3rd place was chris …

Sunday’s open match.

29th Apr 2018

Today’s open match was on Ben pond with 9 anglers and a close match with every angler losing more fish than they got in. 1st place was John Holdsworth with 39lb off peg 5. 2nd place was tony Lawson with …

Over 60,s match

27th Apr 2018

A brilliant turnout for today’s over 60,s match despite the terrible weather with 15 anglers split over Ben and Lee pond. 1st place was Chris cooper with 43lb off ben 15. Section win was Mick Webb with 30lb off Lee …

Wednesday open match

26th Apr 2018

13 anglers for our open match on Lee pond with the over spill on Ben pond. 1st place was nick Hague with 47lb off ben 4. 2nd place was Tim Moran with 36lb off Lee 9. 3rd place was Mick …

Lee pond open match

22nd Apr 2018

9 anglers for today’s open match on Lee pond. 1st place was Tim Moran with 98lb 8oz off peg 1. 2nd place was Tony Lawson with 75lb off peg 20. 3rd place was Jamie rogerson with 58lb off peg 14. …

Benlee open match

21st Apr 2018

17 anglers for today’s open match split over Ben and Lee pond and everyone caught fish. 1st place was Stephen oddy with 152lb 13oz off ben 12. 2nd place was Dave rooney with 85lb off ben 11. 3rd place was …

Ben pond

17th Apr 2018

That’s the grass cut on Ben pond ready for tomorrow’s open match .. don’t forget the draw is at 9.30

Oliver pond.

16th Apr 2018

First grass cut of the year today for Oliver pond.. a little bit boggy still in places but nice and tidy neather the less … Some nice carp showing today making the most of the good weather basking in the …

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