match results 16th 17th & 18th of september

27th Sep 2016

Fridays over 60’s
A good turn out with 11anglers and a hard days fishing for most
1st place was brian kellet with 32lb 8oz of lee 16
2nd place was pete barret with 22lb 10oz of lee 6
Well done all and thanks for coming

Saturday summer league
Good turnout with 22 showing
Golden pegs were ben 22 and lee 9
1st Tony Lawson 85lb ben 11
2nd Jamie Rogerson 82lb lee 5
3rd steve rothery 66lb ben 12
Sec 1 Chris Sturgeon 30lb ben 3
Sec 2 tony dinsdale 35lb lee 7
Sec 3 Gillian O’keefe 34lb lee 17
Sec 4 John Holdsworth 56lb ben 22
Mystery pairs was tony lawson and dave with a combined weight of 112lb,
Well done all!

Sunday open
Good turn out with 14 showing
Golden peg was ben 2
1st gaz wastson 89lb ben 17
Sec 1 Jamie Rogerson 56lb ben 11
Sec 2 steve rothery 62lb lee 18
Sec 3 John Holdsworth 66lb ben 12
Fished well considering all the rain last night
Well done all!