01st Oct 2014

As part of our growing business we have our own complex of lakes comprising of four well stocked lakes suitable for every angling need.

These lakes are available to fish throughout the year on a day ticket basis.

We have developed these lakes into clean and tidy, family friendly, venue to make sure you enjoy your days fishing with spacious comfortable pegs on each of the four lakes.

We purchased these lakes in 2007 and they were originally known as spring valley waters and have come on great over the years.

The first lake was excavated in 1998 and is now known as Oliver ideal for pole fishing. The second was Ben created over the Winter of 2004 with Lee not far behind. Then the latest pond known as Gracie was designed which originally was created as four strip lakes but has now been made into one pond.

All our lakes can be booked for private club fishing matches please contact us for details or call DesĀ  on 07851 771510.