02nd Feb 2018

Open match for pensioners every Friday (over 60). Open match every Saturday and Sunday. Christmas match 21st December. names must be booked down due to limited spaces available. Winter League Benlee Benlee Closed 26th October 2014 2nd November 2014 16th …


25th Oct 2014

Barbless hooks only – maximum size 10 Keepnets are banned unless permitted match No catfood or dogfood boilies Free running method feeders only no floating baits No fires No discarding of bait on the bank or in the lake Two …


25th Oct 2014

To fish one rod and line on Benlee and Oliver is: £7 per day £5 OAP £5 children under 16   On Gracie £6 one rod £10 two rods £5 OAP £5 children under 16

Gracie Lake

25th Oct 2014

This lake is now one pond with an island or feature off every peg. There are 39 pegs with the biggest fish being caught was a 21lb ghost carp. Gracie we class as being an anything pond because you really …

Oliver Lake

25th Oct 2014

Oliver is our silver fish pond with the exception of some old time carp still in. This pond has been heavily stocked with all different kinds of silvers, skimmers, roach, perch, ide, and chub. As a match venue we have …

Lee Lake

25th Oct 2014

Lee is a match and pleasure lake. This lake is very popular with both match and pleasure angling with some of the carp reaching 18lb, barbel to 6lb, bream to 8lb plus roach and perch chub and some tench have …

Ben Lake

25th Oct 2014

Ben Lake is a match and pleasure lake and holds a good stock of carp upto 15lb, barbel to 5lb and bream upto 5lb plus roach and perch. It has 22 disabled friendly spacious pegs to fish from. During the …


01st Oct 2014

As part of our growing business we have our own complex of lakes comprising of four well stocked lakes suitable for every angling need. These lakes are available to fish throughout the year on a day ticket basis. We have …


20th Aug 2014

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