Gracie Lake

25th Oct 2014

This lake is now one pond with an island or feature off every peg. There are 39 pegs with the biggest fish being caught was a 21lb ghost carp.

Gracie we class as being an anything pond because you really don’t know what you are goign to catch! It’s home to some monster carp, blue orfe, golden orfe, tench, pike, perch and roach plus more. Once there was a koi pulled out, we can only advise you what other anglers have actually caught.

Gracie is a really picturesque lake and the only lake we allow you to fish two rods (please review our prices here).

The best baits on this pond are pellet, meat, maggot and mussels.

On recommendations I wouldn’t turn up to fish this lake on 4lb line because the fish in this lake are not used to being caught and they fight hard.

Gracie hasn’t got a weight record due to it not being used as a match lake.

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