Oliver Lake

25th Oct 2014

Oliver is our silver fish pond with the exception of some old time carp still in.

This pond has been heavily stocked with all different kinds of silvers, skimmers, roach, perch, ide, and chub.

As a match venue we have been told that this is one of the best silver fish venues around which is a brilliant comment to hear.

The pond is very well looked after with 28 very spacious pegs all suitable for all anglers including disabled.

The is plenty of parking spaces to make very easy access to anywhere on the pond.

This pond record to date is 116lb by Richard Morley off peg 11.

The pond is designed as a moat with an island in the middle which each peg can fish to at a distance of no more than 14.5 meters.

The ideal bait for Oliver in the summer months are maggot, caster, pellet and corn.

In the winter months maggot and corn.

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